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Green tea changes life. Let it be your body weight, digestion, or skin problems, green tea has many benefits. Ever thought about treating your dull skin with a DIY green tea toner at home? Products that include the essence of green tea are worth buying regardless of how expensive they are. Green tea toner is a lifesaver for many of us. I can firmly say this because green tea toner for acne is a wonderful remedy that works in my favor.

It is as if my face regains all its glory after having a phenomenal green tea treatment. Needless to say that green tea products generally fascinate everyone. However, the only factor that sometimes restrains you from getting your hands on green tea products is their high prices.

But worry not, as this problem is no longer going to stop you from using the amazing green tea products.

This is because I am bringing you the best strategies to prepare DIY green tea toner right at the comfort of your own home. So to have the best homemade green tea therapy, scroll down before it gets too late.

green tea toner at home | Making green tea face toner for oily skin | ingredients for green tea
Green tea for face toner

Benefits of using Green Tea for Skin

Despite having shreds of benefits, people show resistance towards using green tea for skin nourishment. But, whether green tea is good for the skin or not?.

To know this, I spent 2 months of my vacations trying some DIY homemade green tea toner. The results came out as a surprise to me. It was then I realized that green tea toner is a miracle worker.

Not only it has enhanced my complexion but has also helped me to overcome dark spots. In general, it slows down skin aging by improving skin elasticity. This enables you to maintain glowing and healthy skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help you improve the complexion of your skin.

In some researches, green tea proves to be an antidote which deals with an ultraviolent ray that burns the skin.

How long does DIY green tea toner last?

DIY green tea toner can last up to 7 days. However, sleeping with green tea toner has some side effects as well. These may include extreme irritation on the skin if stays for a prolonged period. Coupled with this, green tea also includes caffeine, and therefore applying it to the skin at night hours may result in making you active and awake.

Does green tea remove dark spots and dullness?

The skin benefits of green tea are known to reduce blemishes and scars on the face. Using green tea toner on regular basis will certainly give a glow to your skin. It is also proved that drinking green tea helps with skin complexion.

Now, let’s make homemade green tea toner for face.

homemade DIY green tea toner for face
DIY green tea toner for oily skin & acne

DIY Green Tea Toner at Home – The Easy Recipe

Using all these remedies myself and seeing the best results, I decided to share how to make green tea toner at home. This is the easiest DIY green tea toner recipe that would give you a glowing and ravishing face under home premises.  

DIY green tea toner recipe


Ingredient #1 – 1 bag of green tea

Ingredient #2 – 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (ACV)

However, adding apple cider vinegar varies with different skin as mentioned below;

  • For oily skin, add ACV to green tea in equal parts (1:1 ratio). For half of the cup of green tea, add the exact quantity of apple cider.
  • For normal skin, add 1/3rd cup and less than 3/4th cup of ACV with one cup of green tea.
  • For sensitive skin, add 1/4th cup of ACV with one cup of green tea. 

Ingredient #3 – 10 drops of essential oil

This also differs from skin to skin depending on the type of skin you possess.

  • For normal to sensitive skin, you may use Chamomile essential oil or lavender essential oil.
  • For oily acne-prone skin, you may use any oil from tea tree essential oil, peppermint essential oil, lemongrass, or Helichrysum.
  • For dry mature skin, you may use add any oil from Frankincense oil, rosehip, or carrot seed essential oil.
  • For dry skin, use sandalwood or lavender essential oil.

If the aforementioned oils don’t suit you, it is advisable to opt for calming oils such as lavender oil or Chamomile. 

My best pick is the carrot seed essential oil for this recipe because of its anti-aging properties and SPF of 35-40, isn’t that something great?

Ingredient # 4 – add one teaspoon of Glycerine or honey.

Make sure that you don’t add this ingredient in large quantities as it will make the toner heavy and sticky. Honey prevents acne and soothes the skin. 

Finally, these are the ingredients for making green tea toner;

1 bag of green tea
2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
10 drops of essential oil
1 tablespoon of glycerine or honey


Step #1 – Put a bag of green tea in a hot water.
Step #2 – Set it apart for the green tea bag to cool down completely.
Step #3 – Add one tablespoon of glycerine or honey to the green tea.
Step #4 – Mix it evenly and thoroughly.
Step #5 – Add apple cider vinegar according to your skin type.
Step #6 – Add in 10 drops of essential oil, depending on the type of skin you have.
Step #7 – Mix everything and transfer the mixture to the spray bottle.

How to apply green tea toner on the face?

First, cleanse your skin properly before applying the toner to the face.

Then, shake the bottle and spray the toner on the face.

Allow it to dry naturally. You can also pat dry.

When to use green tea toner?

You can use DIY green tea toner twice a day to have healthy and flourishing skin.

Homemade Green Tea Toner Korean Recipe for Daily Use

I have recently figured out a new Korean recipe for green tea toner and I cannot believe I would ever say this but that recipe is part of my daily routine. It calms and nourishes my face. It is, for sure, one of the phenomenal ways to treat your acne and other facial issues. I can personally vouch for this recipe and would encourage everyone to use it.

Here is a video I found on youtube that might also help you in making a green tea toner

The secret to Korean green tea toner is to moisturize BUT in different forms and ways.

So here is the green tea toner recipe I would want you all to know;


  • 2 bags of green tea
  • 1 tablespoon of oil
  • 1 cup of lukewarm water
  • 8 cotton pads


Step #1 – Put extremely hot water in a separate glass.

Step #2 – Add two bags of green tea and let them stay inside the water for 4 to 5 minutes until the water becomes yellow-colored. It is the same as preparing green tea.

Step #3 – Take out the tea bags and allow the water to cool down.

Step #4 – Add one tablespoon of oil.

Step #5 – Add cotton pads in the glass to absorb the toner completely.

Step #6 – Take out the green tea absorbed cotton pads and soak them completely.

Step #7 – Place them in a separate dish and put them in the refrigerator.

How to apply

  • Cleanse your face thoroughly.
  • Rub your face slightly and gradually with the cotton ball.
  • Allow the face to air dry.
  • Apply any of your favorite moisturizers.

It can be used once or twice a week. You can also use it daily.

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Results for using Green Tea Toner

The results of every DIY skin care recipe are different. Based on your skin age and daily regime, the result can be different. But, if you take care of your skin by using some products and even DIY beauty recipes then at least your skin will be protected from further damage.

This DIY green tea toner would leave you all amazed by the results. It not only gives back the glow and shine that has been lost from your face but also removes dullness. It also delays the signs of anti-aging.

Alongside, it also treats pores and gives you clear skin which is a dream of many of the women out there. Lastly, it soothes and nourishes the skin, thus making it softer. You should definitely take out some time from your busy schedule to pamper yourself with a refreshing green tea toner. You won’t regret it, for sure.

What does green tea toner do for skin?

Regular use of green tea toner will nourish your skin. It controls oil production, remove dullness and reduce acne marks. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of green tea treats acne for oily skin and further, clear skin pores.

Is green tea toner good for my eyes?

Green tea is directly helpful for reducing eye puffiness and dark circles. Don’t apply green tea toner directly on your eyes but use a spray on your whole face.

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