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Growing long hair is a struggle for many women and teenage girls. You keep on trying one hair growth oil after another and still, nothing happens. Ever thought of trying DIY hair growth oil for black hair? Do you know that homemade hair growth oils have proven to be the most effective remedy for fast hair growth?

Ask your grandmother or someone who has tested homemade hair oils.

Even if your hairs couldn’t touch your knees after applying homemade hair oils, they will still get better nourishment through organic hair oils, right?

Needless to say that the hair region is the dreadfully sensitive part of the entire body. What justifies the aforementioned statement is the sudden anxiety woman faces when they observe hair problems. This is why people never compromise on spending a hefty amount of money when it comes to their hair.

I know all the times I have gone for extravagant hair treatments for my hair growth which made the hair even worse.

DIY hair growth oil for black hair

Therefore, I decided to use our famous essential oils recipe for black hair growth. Coupled with this, I also plan on sharing these secret hair growth oil recipes with you all. 

Try out these wholesome recipes and fulfil your dream of having long, strengthened hair.

Before I skip to share natural diy hair growth oil for black hair, let’s find out causes for poor hair growth. Most times, the causes are the culprits.

Causes of Poor Hair Growth

There are several main causes of slow hair growth.

#1. Deficiency in vitamins is the first reason why people have poor hair growth. Perhaps we think that our normal diet is sufficient to prevent major vitamin deficiencies. However, even the slightest bit of the vitamin lacking can result in poor hair growth. Some vitamin elements that play a vital role in hair growth include Vitamin A, B, C, and D along with zinc and niacin.

#2. Stress and illness play a crucial part in hair growth. As we all know stress can create some serious health issues which disrupt the normal functioning of significant organs. Stress limits the level of oxygen that should reach the important areas of the body, one such region is hair follicles, therefore impacting the growth.

#3. The use of medications can also trigger poor hair growth such as chemotherapy, antidepressants, and beta-blockers.

In fact, research highlights that medications can cause problems like Anagen Effluvium or Telogen Effluvium. Moreover, more than often, hormonal imbalances can also prevent your hair from growing and boosting.

Studies postulate that hormonal imbalances are one of the most common reasons for the occurrence of hair loss in women.

#4. Genetics also play a role in the growth of your hair.

#5. A poor diet can also impair hair growth because of the lower blood glucose concentration in the body.

#6. Lastly, split ends, excessive use of styling tools on hair, and age also negatively influence hair growth.

Just applying a homemade oil is not enough, pay attention to above causes. Be sure to eat healthy and take hair supplements whenever needed.

Homemade DIY Hair Oil Recipe for Black Hair

Don’t miss out on the chance to know about the secret I put up in these recipes to get the long glamorous hair with stiff growth. I am sure you would not regret it even for a bit.

There are 2 most effective hair growth recipes for increasing length.

Recipe 1- Hibiscus Flower Coconut Hair Oil


  • 5 fresh hibiscus flowers. Hibiscus flowers boost up hair growth and have the nourishing ingredients of vitamin A and C that prevent hair fall.
  • 1 cup of cold water
  • 3 cups of coconut oil. Coconut oil maintains the shine of the black hair and gives a silky texture to your hair.


Step #1 – Take out the petals of the hibiscus flowers and wash them thoroughly with cold water. Set them apart on a tray. Place the tray under the sun.

Step #2 – Heat the coconut oil in a pan and slowly add the hibiscus flower petals inside the pan. Heat the mixture for 5 to 7 minutes on a low flame. After this step, allow the mixture to cool down.

Step #3 – Strain the oil. Then, put the oil in the dark bottle.

Once your DIY hair growth oil for black hair is ready, keep it aside for 2 days.

Use it after 2 days.

Apply the oil on the scalp and split ends. Let the oil stay on the scalp for an hour and wash off smoothly with a gentle shampoo. I keep it overnight on my scalp to be more effective.


  • Fast hair growth oil
  • Speedy recovery from split ends
  • Brings back the shine of black hair

How often to apply

You may use it twice a week. It is necessary to warm the oil for 30 seconds every time you massage it on the scalp.

Homemade DIY hair growth oil for black hair. Try this recipe for natural hair oil for fast hair growth. These are blended oil mixtures for natural long black hair. This is a tried and tested DIY all-natural hair growth oil for black hair. Perfect for hair growth oil for black women.

Recipe 2 – Homemade Natural Hair Growth Oil Using 7 Oils

This DIY hair growth oil has a mixture of 7 ingredients.


  • 2 tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil. This increases the thickness of hair.
  • 1 tablespoon of Avocado oil. It helps to repair, moisturize and strengthen the hair.
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon of castor oil (this encourages growth)
  • 1 teaspoon of Jojoba oil. This makes the hair frizz-free and gives a rich luster. It also enhances the nee hair cells which are beneficial in growth.
  • 2 teaspoons of cypress essential oil
  • 2 teaspoons of cedarwood essential oil-stimulates hair growth and unplug the hair follicles. You can also use peppermint essential oil as a substitute.
  • 2 teaspoons of rosemary essential oil- this stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp. It also helps to retain the dark and shiny black hair color.

NOTE: For this recipe, you can either use all of the aforementioned essential oils or some of them would work as well keeping in mind the availability.


Step #1 – Take a steel vessel and add all the oils as per the given quantity.

Step #2 – Heat it on a slow flame for 4 minutes and use the spoon to mix them. Allow it to cool down for 3 minutes.

Step #3 – Take a 2 oz dropper bottle and add the combined mixture to it.

Application of hair growth oil

You can apply this oil in three ways;

  1. Scalp application– To apply it on the scalp, use 2 drops of it on the scalp region using the dropper. Massage it on the scalp and leave it on for 25 to 30 minutes or longer if you can. After this, you can wash the hair normally. Just be mindful not to use too much of the oil especially if you use natural shampoos. This is because it might make the hair harder which can cause intense difficulty in pulling out the oil from the hair.
  2. Protection– After washing the hair, you can apply the oil to the damp hair on the split end region. Just place 2 drops into your hand and rub them. After which you can use it on the ends of your hair, working your way up as you move.
  3. Defrizzing and styling– Take few drops in hand and rub them the same way as you did before. Then gently comb or run your fingers through your hair. Be careful that you just don’t focus on one area. After most of the oil is off from your hands, brush your hair. This will help you to get a shiny finish on your hair. Be aware to start with a tiny amount of oil and then use more.

Benefits of using this DIY hair growth oil

  • Helps in styling.
  • Smoothens the hair.
  • Give a shiny texture to your black hair.

How often to apply

You can use this homemade oil for natural hair once a week. The ingredients that this oil contains are so effective that they leave a lasting impact on hair even if you use it once a week. However, using it more daily wouldn’t cause any harm.

Effective Tips to Apply Hair Oil

Most times, people don’t apply hair oils the right way. There is a proper method for hair oil application. To make sure the oil reaches to the ends and scalp, it’s best to follow some hair oil application tips.

1) Use your thumb, middle, and index fingers to apply the oil.

2) Place each hand on the edges of the head (above the ears)

3) Move fingers in circular motions while smoothly exerting pressure on the scalp.

Continue performing this motion throughout the scalp by first moving up to the crown, followed by hairline and temples, and then finally to the base.

The entire process should last for 10 minutes. You can also backtrack the previously massaged areas of the scalp.

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Final thoughts

If I write from my personal experience, I would definitely mention how my hair was full of split ends and was hard in texture. As soon as I started using these top-notch DIY hair growth oils, I have been happier than ever.

This is because I love the softer, glossy, and lustrous look all over my hair. Not only this, but these oils also help me to protect my hair from heat damages and repairs the sharp destroyed strands.

Be sure to take proper health diet, and hair supplements while using hair oils. Your hair growth will significantly improve if you eat healthy.

Don’t you think that is something exciting?

If yes, then scroll up and try out these phenomenal homemade DIY hair growth oil remedies for black hair and get highly enriched growing hair right at your home.

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