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How long do lush bath bombs last? The ingredients in bath bombs indeed have an expiry date comparable to food. Factories combine highly concentrated Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, and other naturally occurring substances to create bath bombs and other cosmetic products.

Because of the exposure to light, citric acid degrades with time. Others choose to keep their fizzes in sealed bulk bath bomb containers for more extended periods. Any pieces will not bubble if they immerse in water; instead, they will slowly dissolve as they are submerged.

How long do lush bath bombs last, lush bath bomb in hands...

It is critical to recognize that every beauty or bath care product is only as excellent as the ingredients with the shortest shelf life. Bath bombs include a variety of components, each of which may have a long shelf life on its own. When it comes to store-bought luxurious bath bombs, it is best to use them before the expiration date has passed. 

Hand-made bath bombs are often available at boutiques and luxury self-care stores. They are often chemical-free. It is necessary to understand the shelf life of a bath bomb and the consumption of ingredients of lush bath bombs to determine how long it will last.

What are Lush Bath Bombs Made Of?

Bath bombs contain three essential ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, and cornstarch. There is a standard infusion in bath bombs with colours and scents, and they may also include Epsom salt at times.

A bath bomb must have three essential components: baking soda, citric acid, and cornstarch. When you learn how to construct a basic bath bomb from scratch, you get acquainted with how the various components interact. We shall be able to answer the question “How long do lush bath bombs last?” by examining the shelf life of each element.

Baking Soda: We recommend that you use baking soda within 6 months after purchasing it. The opened shelf life applies to bath bombs regardless of whether or not the bath bomb is still in its packaging when the date is entered. Aside from that, it describes the optimal temperature and air conditions (cold and dry) in which you must keep it. Baking soda will not go bad after six months; it will lose its chemical potency and become less effective.

Citric Acid: Citric acid has a shelf life of roughly three years when properly stored. When stored in a cool and dry atmosphere, it is the product’s shelf life. In this case, the shelf life is still relevant, even though the bath bomb is still in its original package. Furthermore, citric acid does not go rancid or grow mold after three years in storage. It loses its chemical efficacy in the same way as baking soda does.

Cornstarch: Although you have opened it, cornstarch has a practically endless shelf life. You should keep it in a cool, dry place to elongate its life, but it will not expire or lose its potency if adequately cared for.

Based on the facts provided above and the shelf life rule, the shelf life of a basic bath bomb is six months. It is since one of the vital bath bomb components, baking soda, has the lowest shelf life of all of the primary bath bomb components.

Other ingredients involve:

Citric acid
Sodium bicarbonate 
Coconut oil 
Almond oil 
Essential oils having therapeutic properties.
Epsom salts
Witch hazel

In addition, there are more natural components.

Shelf life of Bath Bombs: How Long do Bath Bombs Last?

Bath bombs contain expiry dates, generally within a year after purchase. Even while a bath bomb’s fizz begins to diminish after six months of usage, it is still perfectly safe to use. However, the addition of additional bath bomb materials such as essential oils, oats, or flower petals might cause a bath bomb to become moldy or rotten within a year of its creation.

A bath bomb’s melting, crackling, and fizzing around the tub is mesmerizing. Indulge in a sensual ritual of nourishing butter and mood-enhancing essential oils in your tub.

But, is it expired? Is it old? Let us find out the answer to your question, how long do lush bath bombs last?

When properly maintained, bath bombs may survive up to six months. Natural and fresh components that are in lush bath bombs, on the other hand, begin to degrade and lose their potency over time. Ultimately, the problem with storage is that it sacrifices freshness in favour of durability. It decreases the shelf life of lush bath bombs.

The shelf life of lush bath bombs is six months, approximately. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid are two natural elements that makeup bath bombs. On the other hand, Citric acid loses some of its strength after a lengthy period on the shelf.

As a rule, newer bath bombs have a more substantial impact than older ones. The concentrated body oils and scents are released more quickly and smell like bliss.

When do lush bath bomb get expired? Here's everything about using lush bath bomb correctly and the average shelf life of bath bombs. What to do with an expired lush bath bomb...

Do Lush Bath Bombs Expire? What to do with expired bath bombs?

Yes, technically speaking, you can make use of bath bombs that have expired. On the other hand, if you search for fizz and scent, you will most likely be disappointed. Furthermore, bath bombs that have passed can disintegrate and dissolve without causing any effect. 

It might be dangerous to use a bath bomb if it includes components that can cause damage after the expiration date has passed. They may cause skin irritation and be quite hazardous if they go into your body via your pores. The situation for commercial bath bombs is even worse since there may be a slew of unknown substances in them.

Bath bombs that have passed their expiry date may still be used, depending on how far beyond their expiration date they have gone.

As a general rule of thumb, bath bombs that are more than a year old should not be used. Suppose they have been kept in a moist and humid environment. You should generally avoid using them if they are more than six months over the expiry of bath bombs, even if they are still in good condition.

Suppose your bath bombs have a putrid smell, mold growing on them, or have become a dingy hue. In that case, dermatologist Ally Wheeler advises that you should not use them. The danger of irritation or allergic response increases in this situation.”

How to Store Bath Bombs to Last Longer? How Long Can You Store Lush Bath Bombs?

The solution for the hyped-up problem “how to store bath bombs to last longer” is simple. You need to follow simple storage tips.

They are as follows:

  • In addition to preserving the effectiveness of the critical components, proper bath bomb storage also helps retain the integrity of the secondary ingredients while reducing the likelihood of mold formation. Store bath bombs in a dark, dry, and cold environment to maintain their effectiveness. Keep your bath bombs away from heat sources such as the sun, radiators, hot water pipes, underfloor heating, heating vents, and similar devices.
  • The golden rule is that bath bombs should not be kept in the bathroom, even if they are still in their box. Moisture and heat are unavoidable in a bathroom, making it a less than ideal storage option.
  • Retain your bath bombs in the wrapping they came in, even if it isn’t as visually appealing as displaying them nude in a mason jar. Several bath bombs are marketed as “raw” You should store them in an airtight container as soon as you get them from the store.
  • Irrespective of whether they are packed or unpackaged, it is good to keep bath bombs in airtight containers. These should have a high-quality silicone or rubber seal that cannot be damaged. It doesn’t matter if the containers are of glass or plastic; neither is porous, but make sure there are no gaps in the containers. You may also use zip-lock bags, but push out as much air as possible before closing the bag.

Can I use a 2 year old bath bomb?

After six months, unused bath bombs are no longer safe to use. The primary bath bomb ingredients do not go bad beyond their expiry date, unlike food components. Thus using a typical bath bomb after that date should not be dangerous.

However, this is subject to alteration based on the bath bomb’s secondary contents. Essential oils in bath bombs may get rancid and be toxic if they’ve been sitting about for more than a year, so throw it out if you think you’ve had one for more than a year.

What to do with expired bath bombs?

Okay, you have you expire bath bomb dangling in your bathroom. What are you going to do with it now?

You may still use them as decorative items even beyond their expiration date. As a bathroom accent, arrange a variety of bath bombs on a tray or in a basket.

Expired bath bombs lose their rigid structure and aroma even if they’re only for show. Considering how quickly bath bombs lose their scent after expiration, it’s probably better to throw them out.

Bath Bomb Expiration: Conclusion

You may plan your DIY projects more effectively if you know how long do lush bath bombs last and the shelf life of bath bombs. As a bonus, it’s also an excellent incentive to quit storing these precious effervescent jewels and indulge yourself at the first opportunity. Use bath bombs as soon as you get them or make them yourself to get the best effects.

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