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How often should I use lemon and sugar on my face?

You all know how effective DIY remedies are. But when it comes to the use of lemon and sugar for your skincare, we have double thoughts. Is lemon safe for the skin? How often should I use lemon and sugar on my face? How beneficial it is?

These are all just a few of the questions that run on your mind when you think of using lemon and sugar as your DIY skincare treatment.

Well, needless to say, both of these ingredients have more detrimental effects on the skin than positive ones. Thus making them dangerous DIY skincare alternatives. The risk tends to increase if you have sensitive skin. However, this is majorly dependent on the intensity of application and what other ingredients you are combining with them. So to have a proper insight on lemon and sugar, its usage, pros and cons, read on.

lemon sugar on face.

Lemon and Sugar Scrub Benefits 

Lemon and sugar scrubs have their own perks and help the skin in many ways. Lemon has vitamin C which aids in the removal of age spots, sun spots and discolourations from the skin. It also assists in the treatment of abrasions on the knees, feet, elbows and hands. Whereas sugar is a natural exfoliant that cleans the pores and enhances the general texture of the skin by removing dead skin cells.

If you want to have smooth and silky skin, fuse lemon with sugar and observe the changes your skin go through. I am sure, you would fall in love with these two essentials all over again. Not only this, but you will also get a chance to enjoy the combined benefits of these where lemon balances out the skin tone while tightening the pores and sugar cleanses the pores. Isn’t that interesting?

Is Lemon Bad for the Skin?

Lemon is highly corrosive, with a pH of 2, and can permanently harm your skin. It has the potential to alter the normal pH of your acid mantle. This further results in hyperpigmentation, skin irritation and UV sensitivity. A chemical burn is the most acute and dangerous side effect of lemon. Further, contains citrus oils which tend to be phototoxic.

When you are out in the sun, lemon can irritate your skin increasingly. Thus potentially causing a chemical burn that can inflict irreversible damage as well as severe discomfort. This indicates that lemon is really not that safe for your skin.

How Often Should I use Lemon and Sugar on my Face?

The answer is rarely. Yes, you read that right. Just because something is a natural product doesn’t mean it would always be good for your skin. However, lack of awareness regarding natural products doesn’t allow us to see them with a complete perspective. While food may appear benign because we consume it on a daily basis, it is often a different story when used in skincare. 

Lemon contains a slew of additional compounds, some of which are harmful to your skin. Citric acid is the chemical that makes the lemon a bit abrasive. This can lead to reactions on the skin if applied directly and frequently. Similarly, sugar contains large crystal particles which are rough in nature. They can induce damage to the skin by causing microscopic tears in the skin, especially if you use ordinary sugar. Therefore, using lemon and sugar daily can be very harmful to you.

If you apply lemon and sugar on your skin every day, you may be more susceptible to the negative effects. It is only advisable to use lemon and sugar on your skin if the issue is not getting better from any other remedy. But that too once a day. If you see the slightest bit of improvement, you should stop using lemon and sugar and save yourself from the side effects they can cause. 

How often do you exfoliate your face with sugar?

As aforementioned, sugar granules are far too caustic for facial skin due to their erosive texture. Using sugar scrubs on your face can lead to irritation, itching, redness and dryness. Therefore, you should exfoliate your face with sugar once a week. For this, relatively mild sugar scrubs-the ones with round-shaped particles, are good for weekly exfoliation. 

Always test a new facial scrub on your arm first. Remember, if it’s too irritating for your body, it’ll be too gritty for your face as well. 

How to use lemon and sugar on your face safely?

There are certain tips that you should keep in mind while using lemon and sugar on your face or skin;

  1. Use a region of skin away from your face, such as the inner region of your elbow, to perform a patch test. Before applying lemon and sugar to your face, wait for one to two days to ensure there are no negative side effects.
  2. Start with one application per day and work your way up to twice daily.
  3. If you have any negative side effects, stop using them.
  4. Don’t make lemon and sugar your go-to for every skin related issue. Look for the substitutes first.

Final Thoughts

This article answers the most crucial question- how often should I use lemon and sugar on my face? It is safe to say that lemon and sugar has benefits that protect the skin but the problems that they generate on the skin can’t be avoided. So think before using them.

Alongside, it also offers quite holistic knowledge about how lemon and sugar are good but equally harm the skin as well. Hence, offering some better apprehension to all the people who have struggled with a lack of skincare awareness.


It takes less than a minute to share :) Please share

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